January 15/16, 2010 - DAVID ROTUNDO BAND

DAVID ROTUNDO returned to BLUES ON THE RIDEAU @ THE COVE INN, WESTPORT last weekend and put on a fabulous pair of shows. Backed by a tight band consisting of Andrew Austin on drums, James Rasmussen on bass and Des Brown on guitar David lead the way with his blistering harmonica, powerful vocals and the high energy, fun style that has made him so popular.

Both Shows were Sold Out. Along with the usual regulars from Westport and surrounding area there were attendees from Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Kanehsatake.
You can also visit the Youtube webiste and find the video click here

Here's a great YOU TUBE video of one of the songs from that night - Gives you an idea of what you missed!

“Fantastic band! Friendly staff! Good food! Very welcoming environment! I will be back! 10 out of 10 for everything” Patricia Lacroix, Ottawa (party of 8) Big David Rotundo fan. First time to BOTR @ The Cove “Always terrific. Thanks so much to Blues On The Rideau. We always look forward to these events. 10 out of 10 for everything.”
Lita Edwards, Perth (she and husband Ron have been to over 15 BOTR nights at The Cove!)

“Great time. Good fun. Fabulous that local charities benefit. We’ll be back”
Dave Parrhin, Kingston Blues Society. First timer “If this is an indication of what is to come – bring on 2010!” Luc Bujold, Westport
(He and his wife Diane have attended almost every Show since BOTR @ The Cove started 4 1/2 years ago)

$1,200 was raised for Westport’s Rideau Vista and St. Edward’s Elementary Schools and God bless the teachers and students for their decision to donate that full amount to Haitian Earthquake Relief.

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